ProPS enable publishers to understand their audience and maximize the usage of first party data for audience trading. ProPS technology will collect, map, and segment the targeted audience by using ProPS Supply-side Technology, an integrated Data Management Platform.

With IPAX Publisher Trading Desk and Supply-side Technology, ProPS focused on executing ad inventory selling on behalf of publishers. ProPS is helping the publishers to manage ad inventories by connecting them to premium demand, programmatic marketplace, header bidding demand and acted as Independent Media Trader.

1. Google Ad Exchange, AdSense Optimization

We have globally optimized publisher’s revenue with our abroad branches. ProPS’s Google solution with 10 years experiences operating Google publishing products (AdSense, Ad Exchange, DFP Small Business/Premium, Google Analytic 360, Search Console, Google Policy), we can help publisher earn more revenue from online ad through our expert management. Just focus on content, then ProPS will take care of the rest!

2. Google Ad Manager (DFP) Management

Google Ad Manager (DFP) is a comprehensive hosted ad serving platform that streamlines your ad management, whether you deliver ads to websites, mobile webpages, mobile apps, games, or a combination. ProPS Google Ad Manager Management offers a complete toolkit to help you on managing your ads for a multi-screen audience. Everything from growing your ad revenue to strategizing across many areas including setup, optimization, and maintenance. So you can focus on what you love — creating great content.

3. IPAX Publisher Trading Desk

IPAX Publisher Trading Desk (PTD) offer a full suite of holistic monetization solutions for publishers. We want you to have full control of your publisher monetization plan. Whether it’s our premium service offering where we manage your entire ad revenue operations, or our ProPS Wrapper header bidding platform to empower your own ad operations team we have the right mix of services and technology to help you hit your ad revenue goals.

4. IPAX Header Bidding & Wrapper

IPAX Wrapper our premium service and standalone header bidding platform manage more than 100+ programmatic demands for you.

5. IPAX PMP, Premium Demand

IPAX PMP delivers direct programmatic access to more than 100 million Indonesians through hundreds of the top rated online brands you already trust.

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