You Should Not Monetize These 5 Types of Contents with Google AdSense!

You Should Not Monetize These 5 Types of Ad Contents with Google AdSense

One of the most profitable sources of income for publishers is from ads monetization. Ads come in a variety of content with the goal of promoting products or services on your website interface to encourage visitors to make a purchase of that product or service. With a high amount of traffic, your ads will increase in number and reach more people.

However, did you know that there is some content that is prohibited from being advertised by Google AdSense? This is mainly due to Google’s policy as well as their goal to provide a better and safer website surfing experience for all parties, especially for its users. Keep reading to learn the 5 types of ad contents that are prohibited by Google.

1.  Illegal Content

The first type of content that is prohibited by Google is the content that is deemed as illegal. What does “illegal” specify in this case? What Google means by illegal content is content that promotes illegal activities, violates applicable laws/regulations or infringes on the legal rights of others. Illegal content is prohibited with the obvious reason that Google does not want its users to be “inspired” to create or participate in illegal activities or monetize it.

2.  Content that Violates Intellectual Property

The second type of content that is prohibited by Google are contents that violates intellectual property rights. Contents that constitute infringing intellectual property is those content that violates copyright and promotes the sales or trade of counterfeit goods. Google highly prioritizes the rights and intellectual property of its users, this is the main reason why contents that are deemed to violate this policy may not be monetized or embedded with Google AdSense ad code.

3.  Content Related to Endangered and Threatened Species

Google will not allow you to monetize content that contains rare and endangered species. This type of content is prohibited, with the sole reason of preventing the sale or trade of products obtained from endangered, threatened or law-protected species such as tiger skins, shark fins, elephant tusks and rhino horn. Please refrain from advertising these types of content with the purpose of monetizing it with Google AdSense.

4.  Dangerous or Derogatory Content

Google also prohibits dangerous and defamatory content to be monetized with Google AdSense. Examples of this type of content are those that promotes racial discrimination, intimidation, provoking violence, narcotics, and terrorism. Google prohibits this type of content due to its nature that is considered to be threatening, harassing, insulting, hurting, and judgemental to others. Google also doesn’t want its users to use this content as a way to make money by monetizing it.

5.  Content that Enables Dishonest Behavior

Google wants to promote honest and transparent culture among users of its products. With this in mind, content that enables dishonest behavior such as the creation of fake documents, services for the creation of fake transcripts, hacking and video streaming of prohibited content is prohibited to be monetized by Google AdSense.

This concludes the 5 types of content that is prohibited to be monetized by Google AdSense. As a publisher, you should avoid being exposed to issues of violating Google AdSense rules and policies. Always follow the rules from Google, including not embedding Google AdSense ad code on the aforementioned content.

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Source from Google Help