6 Most Popular Industries in Google Search Indonesia Throughout 2019

6 Most Popular Industries in Google Search Indonesia Throughout 2019

For digital industry players, especially publishers, knowing what popular industries are most sought after by the audience is important. Publishers can create content related to what the audience is looking for so that it can increase the number of visits to the website. Especially for publishers that focus on local audiences, Indonesia has been named the best in Southeast Asia with a digital economy value of $ 40B and is predicted to increase by 3x in the next 6 years.

The following are the 6 most searched industries in Indonesia throughout 2019:

1.  Automotive

Automotive is one of the industries most frequently sought after by Indonesians in the digital world. In 2019, the majority of the words searched were related to additional car features such as “gps navigation” and “keyless vehicles.” In addition, it seems that Indonesians have also begun to care about environmentally friendly vehicles. This is evidenced by the popularity of several keywords such as “catalyst”, “electric motor”, “electric car”, and “hybrid car”.

2.  Beauty & Personal Care

There have been tremendous developments in the Beauty & Personal Care industry. Evidenced by the 30% increase in search interest on Google in this industry compared to last year.

Some of the keywords that are popular in this industry are “skincare”, “beauty”, “home products”, “glowing”, “hair oil”, and “best” in beauty products such as mascara, toner, eye cream, and the like.

Indonesian people are also looking for solutions to their skin problems, such as “dry skin”, “dull skin”, and “hair growth shampoo”. The use of hygienic products is also sought after in several keywords such as “antiseptic”, “hand washing”, “toothpaste”, and “shampoo”.

3.  Food & Beverage

Indonesia is indeed dominated by culinary enthusiasts, it is evident that the food and beverage industry is one of the industries most sought after by Indonesians in the digital world. In 2019, results show that Indonesians are very interested in healthy food by seeing the popularity of keywords such as “healthy food”, “vegan”, “sugar free”, and “brown rice”.

Indonesians are also frequently searching about the benefits of consuming these foods, it can be seen from several popular keywords such as “chia seed”, “himalayan salt”.

Apart from that, bread and coffee are also the most popular types of food with several keywords such as “soft brownie”, “baked cake”, “coffee”, and “palm sugar”.

4.  Media & Entertainment

The Media & Entertainment industry is the main pillar that drives the development of the digital world in Indonesia, especially in the News and Gaming sectors. 75% of all online news readers have been found to prefer Youtube compared to any other digital media. Online news has some of the highest searched keywords during 2019, namely “capital city”, “Kalimantan”, and “forest fire”.

Gaming is a very popular industry in Indonesia, results show that 1/3 Gen Z in Indonesia play online games on a daily basis. Resulting in high search results for the keywords such as “free fire”, “gaming”, and “new games”

5.  Online Shopping

Indonesian people have started to switch from offline to online shopping. This is evident from the many searches related to online shopping during 2019 in Indonesia. Most search times in the industry are on Harbolnas with keywords such as “electronic”, “fashion”, and “cosmetic”. Likewise, before the month of Ramadan, many Indonesians want to prepare their houses as well as possible, some of the keywords that are in demand are “refrigerator”, “sofa”, and the like.

Apart from that, some of the popular keywords in this industry also include “camera”, “fast charge”, “paylater”, “top up”, “voucher”, and “game voucher”.

6.  Travel

Indonesia is a country with the highest number of online travel developments in Southeast Asia. Indonesian people tend to prefer safe and comfortable trips, as evidenced by several popular keywords such as “lounges at airport” and “ticket rescheduling”.

Indonesian people also look for a lot of local activities when traveling. Some of the most searched for keywords are “things to do”, “festival”, and “music festival”. Likewise with destination choices, domestic tourism is a very popular choice in 2019. Some of the popular keywords are “Labuan Bajo”, “Kalimantan”, and “Sumba”. By knowing well about which industries the audience is looking for digitally, publishers can reproduce content in relation to the related industry effectively. This certainly can help publishers in increasing the number of website visits and revenue earned through website monetization. Of course there are still many things that need to be known to optimize your revenue through advertising, Sign up to ProPS and we’ll show you how it is supposed to be done!

Source from 2019 Year in Search Indonesia Insight for Brands (Think with Google)