DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) is Becoming Google Ad Manager


Google this month announced to publishers more details about the DFP transition into Google Ad Manager. Google says that over the next few months, Google will be updating the DFP UI with new branding and a new look. DFP will be renamed to Google Ad Manager, and Google promises “there will be no changes to product functionality.”wrote that the goal is transforming Google Ad Manager not just in what it is, an ad server or sell-side platform (SSP), but a complete ad platform. For publishers, this means they will “get a complete ad platform that helps to earn more and grow revenue, no matter how they sell.”

By the end of July, the Ad Exchange Seller user interface will no longer be available, and publishers will be redirected to Google Ad Manager instead. The product features available in Ad Exchange, like Preferred deals, Private auctions, Exchange creatives, Ad Exchange inventory, Ad Exchange rules, Publisher profiles, Payments will be available in Google Ad Manager.