Google News and Its Benefits for Publishers

Google News and Its Benefits for Publishers

What is Google News?

Google has a number of service platforms that help support the needs and career performance of many people, namely those who work in the publishing field as well as those who often read news on the internet. One such service platform is called Google News.

What is Google News? Google News is a service platform made by Google that displays news articles belonging to publishers on news pages on the Google search site. This makes news very easy to find on the Google search site. When you type in a string of keywords, Google will show you the search result that you are looking for and in this page you will find a News tab at the top and when clicked, news will appear related to the keyword.

The Display of Google News on main page of Google Search Engine
The Display of Google News Tab on Desktop Page
The Display of Google News Tab on Mobile Page

Benefits of Google News for its Users

You may ask, why should I use Google News? Through Google News, users can find the latest news articles from around the world according to the keyword they are searching for. In addition, users can also read news content online and offline according to their needs. Moreover, content can also be shared or bookmarked and can also be adjusted according to the preferences of its users so that the news is tailored to the user and feels more personal.

Benefit of Google News and Google Publisher Center for Publishers

Here is why publishers should join Google News and Google Publisher Center:

  1. Full control over content and branding. In this platform, the Publisher will have the freedom to manage their own designs, branding, and customization of publication content on Google News.
  2. Monetization opportunities. Here, Publishers can place advertisements in the content they publish through Google Ad Manager.
  3. Eligibility for placement. In this platform, the placement of your News content is not guaranteed. Despite this fact, the content will be independently selected by the merchandising team from Google News so that the content placement is adjusted according to Google News standards.

How Google News Works

Then, how does Google News work? Here are the steps:

  1. Google will use the publisher center to publish content with Google News by submitting an RSS feed, URL link, or video of your content in Google Publisher Center.
  2. Through normal web crawling on the Google search engine to find news content belonging to publishers

After understanding how Google News works, we now understand that publishers will no longer need to register or ensure that their website meets Google News requirements. This is due to the fact that Google will automatically select publishers and their contents that pass Google News requirements. It is important for publishers to consistently create quality content that is in accordance with Google News policies.

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Source from Google Support