How to Avoid Security Issues on WordPress

How to Avoid Security Issues on Wordpress

WordPress is the content management system most often used by publishers. About 24% of websites worldwide have used this system. This is because using WordPress is very easy, but makes it vulnerable to hackers who can break website security.

As publishers, we should prioritize the security and safety of our WordPress sites. Publishers need to first understand who, why, and how they attack a WordPress site before choosing an adequate WordPress security system.

Who Can Attack WordPress Publishers?

Human – This refers to an individual who sends an attack to a targeted website.

A Single Bot – This is an automated bot program that is used by hackers to provide large-scale attacks.

A Botnet – When a group of machines running a program coordinates from a central server, it sends attacks automatically, which is known as a botnet.

The hackers’ goal is to gain access to the publisher’s WordPress site so that they can read files and data on the publisher’s website. Hackers can also manipulate databases and modify files for their specific purposes. If the data on the publisher’s website has been obtained, hackers will use that access so they can do several things:

  • Send Spam
  • Bypass filters by hosting malicious content
  • Steal data on websites
  • Spam & Ad Fraud

How to Avoid Security Issues on WordPress?

One of the best ways to protect a WordPress website is to make regular updates. It is advisable to keep up to date with the types of security issues that arise constantly. Here are some security precautions that will help publishers:

  • Use a different and complex password
  • Choose a reliable hosting provider that lives up to high security standards.
  • Always update themes, WordPress cores, and plugins.
  • Avoid all website applications that are outdated and never updated
  • Delete sensitive files and data.
  • Consider hiring a reliable WordPress maintenance service provider who can help you assess the risks

As a publisher, website security is the one of the most important things that you should maintain. Any hack can cause serious damage to all aspects of the business such as brand image, ad revenue and the website account itself.

Make sure to take precautions to ensure data and files on the website are protected. By taking precautions and using the latest security plugins and firewalls, you can ensure that the important assets on the website are protected.

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