How To Increase Fill Rate on Sticky Ad Units

How To Increase Fill Rate on Sticky Ad Units

Sticky ad units or anchor ads, as its own name, it “sticks” to the viewable area of a web page when a user or visitor scrolls the page. The advantage for advertisers is that their ad units will be visible all the time. These ad models are especially useful on mobile pages, usually in the long shape at the bottom of the screen.

Sticky Ad is a significant source of revenue for publishers, this means that a low fill rate or a significant drop in Sticky Ad fill rates can have a more significant effect than any other ads.

Here is the list of things to consider to increase Fill Rate on Sticky Ads.

Load Times

Check the load time when creating the page, and the time it takes to create the ad. If it’s too slow, you may drop the impressions.

Ad Blocking

Some of your users on your site may have the Ad Blocking in their PC. How to handle this situation? First, check your website in detail. Is your content difficult to read between ad display areas? Is Sticky Ad taking up too much? Because if your sticky Ads is taking up too much and looks floating on the content, it may cause inconvenience from the user. This will result into user experience’s issue.


It’s better to find ad networks that are located in the main operational area of your site so you can increase the coverage in your area. If you’re in Indonesia or South East Asia, it’s better to find the ad networks that operate in Indonesia and South East Asia. Especially if your traffic mostly come from your own area.

Flexible Size

Try to do an alternative Sticky Ads size. Instead of using the 300 × 100 size, consider trying the 300 × 50, 320 × 100 or 320 × 50 sizes for Sticky Ads if there are no 300 × 100 available.

Increasing Resources of Available Demands

Don’t have just one ad network to bid on your Sticky Ads slot. A large number of bidders will increase competition, and might fill the slot that other ad networks can’t fill. Do not depend your Sticky Ads slot from only one ad network.


Sticky Ads, when utilized properly with caution, can be a healthy source of income for publishers. Are you still struggling to optimize your Sticky Ads? Don’t know how to get started with bid headers or which ad networks to join forces to increase demand? Let ProPS help! Our team of ad operations specialists can do it all for you. Talk to us Now!

Source from Monetize More