Preparations Publishers Should Make to Welcome The Month of Ramadan

Preparations Publishers Should Make to Welcome The Month of Ramadan

Ramadan 2020 is approaching. Publishers and advertisers are anticipating Ramadan as it means that there will be an increasing trend in the amount of purchase and consumption from the market.

With an increase of traffic during Ramadan, Advertisers are willing to pay more for inventory as they have prepared a special budget for ads. These factors led to a surge in publisher revenue during Ramadan.

Here are tips for publishers in welcoming the Month of Ramadan.

1.  Follow the trends that are common in this month of Ramadan

Publishers can use Google Trends to help find the latest internet search topics for their specific target audiences. You can also check Google Trends during Ramadan in the previous year for reference. During Ramadan 2019, trends in Google search were:

  • Clothing (Muslim clothing, Hijab, Eid clothes)
  • Cosmetics (Halal lipsticks, halal cosmetics, halal nail polish)
  • Beauty and Appearances (Hairstyles, Hijab Tutorials, Hairstyles, Makeup Tutorials)
  • Religion related objects (Religious Songs, Islamic Lectures, Quran, Holy Quran Verses, Zakat)
  • Culinary / F & B (Cooking Tutorials, Tutorial on How to Make Cakes, Food Vlogs, Iftar Menu, Sahur Menu, Ngabuburit Snacks, Bukber Place)
  • Traveling (tourist destinations, tourist attractions Bandung, Jogja, Malang or Bali, cheap plane tickets, Jogja, Bandung or Bali hotels, cheap cars)

2.  Try to use AMP for your website content

By creating an AMP-first site, publishers will get a number of distinct advantages such as higher performance – faster page load times, better user experience on mobile devices and more overall traffic.

3.  Optimize the mobile-size version of the content

Publishers should optimize their content in the mobile size version as audiences now prefer to access digital media via mobile which will then affect User Experience. Keep your content short (and catchy) and not cluttered with ads.

4.  Use Keywords Related to Ramadan in Your Content

Publishers should use keywords related to Ramadan in your content such as:

  • Ramadan culinary “Place to break the fast in Jakarta”, “Place for a bukber in Bandung”, “Halal Restaurant”, “Iftar Menu”, “Sahur Menu Recipe”
  • Fashion, lifestyle, and beauty “Hijab style during Ramadan”, “2020 Eid Dress Ideas”, “Hairstyles 2020” “Halal Cosmetics”
  • Household needs during Ramadan and Eid such as “electric oven”, “guest table”, “vacuum cleaner”
  • Worship activities during Ramadan “prayer schedules”, “lectures”, “prayers”, “zakat”, “nearest mosque”, “religious songs”
  • Traveling especially in relation to travelling to their birth place, “Cheap plane tickets”, “Jakarta Jogja train tickets”, “tourist attractions in Bandung”, “cheap cars”

However, as we all know, with the Coronavirus pandemic and the PSBB policy in a number of regions in Indonesia, the trend of going back to their birth places/home, vacation and breaking the fast together must be postponed first. However, you can use a number of keywords related to activities while at home and anticipating the Corona virus such as:

  • “Homemade Iftar Menu”, “Restaurant Delivery 24 hours”, “Healthy Food Menu Recipes”
  • “Virtual Museum”, “Virtual tourist attractions”, “Virtual Walking Tour”, “Ticket Rescheduling”, “How to Refund Tickets”
  • “Online video call application”, “Lecture”, “Prayer”
  • “Disinfectant”, “Hand Sanitizer”, “Mask”
  • “Corona Donation”, “Online Doctor”

5.  Prepare and use a reliable server

Use a fast and reliable server that does not burden your website’s content page. If your website is slow, then there is a tendency for the audience to quickly lose their interest and immediately leave our website. If this continues, the bounce rate will be quite high and not good for the health of the publisher’s website.

6. Continue and regularly produce content until Ramadan and Eid is over

Continue to publish content ahead of Ramadan, throughout Ramadan, even until Eid is over. Most of the audience will look for things related to Ramadan and Eid until all the festivities are officially over. This is important to do so that your website traffic remains high.

7.  Update and Share content on Social Media

If you are a publisher and your website is linked to a social media account, you should keep updating and sharing your website content on your accounts. Nowadays, more people spend their time on social media so there is a chance that your website traffic will be higher too. Include a link so that your audience can also access the content info on your website.

These are the preparations publishers should make in welcoming the month of Ramadan. If you want to maximize your profit during high seasons such as Ramadan, ProPS team is ready to help, talk to us Now!

Source from Winning Ramadan with Digital by Google