Learn The Requirements and Steps To Sign Up for Google News

Learn The Requirements and Steps To Sign Up for Google News

We can’t stop discussing Google News as it is indeed interesting to discuss because of the many uses and benefits it has. Moreover, publishers can also learn to create quality news content so that their content can appear in the Google News tab. Of course, this content must comply with Google’s rules and policies.

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Knowing the many use and benefits this platform has for publishers, they will start thinking about signing up for Google News. By registering for Google News, content made by the publisher will appear and be seen more frequently meaning that there are more opportunities for users to visit the publisher’s website, increasing traffic. With increasing traffic in the website, opportunities for monetization will then arise.

So, what are the requirements and how do you sign up for Google News? Keep reading to find out!

Criteria that your content should meet in order to qualify for Google News

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We will first discuss the criteria of the content that must be met by publishers in order to qualify for Google News. The following things need to be considered so that your content and website can appear in Google News.

1.  All content must comply with Google Policy Rules

As a publisher, the content we create must comply with Google’s content policy rules. Ensure that your content does not violate Google policies. If you stumble across problems with policy violations, then it is unlikely for your content to be included or appear in Google News. Learn more about Google’s content policies here (insert link)

2.  Site must comply with Google’s site requirements

Apart from creating quality content, your site must also comply with the requirements of Google’s site. What is meant here is that your site must be able to be crawled safely

and easily by a Google Bot. Apart from that your site should also be permanent with minimal redirects. Learn more about Google’s site requirements here.

3.  Must comply with the requirements of the Google Technical Index guidelines

In order for you to appear in Google News, you should first understand the requirements of the Google Technical Index guide. This technical guideline needs to be comprehended so that the Google algorithm system can track news sites and find out which pages are news articles. For more information about the Google Technical Index, please click here.

4.    If you want to use Carousel spots, make sure your site meets AMP requirements and has a scheme according to the type of article

You should make sure that your site meets AMP requirements and has a scheme according to the type of article as most pages that appear on the Google News Carousel are AMP pages. Moreover, the appropriate scheme also makes it easier for the Google system to track articles related to searches on Google News.

News Sitemap Guidelines

Here are some points to note in the guidelines regarding Google’s News Sitemap that publishers can follow so that articles produced have the opportunity to appear in the Google News tab:

  1. Get the URL of articles published during the last 2 days. We might just delete the article after 2 days of broadcast from the News Sitemap, but the article will still be tracked and indexed within 30 days
  2. Update News Sitemap with new and produced articles.
  3. You can add up to 1,000 URLs, then split them into multiple sitemaps, and use the sitemap index file to organize them. Use the XML format provided in the sitemap protocol. Don’t add more than 50,000 sitemaps to the sitemap file. This limitation is so that our web server does not use large files.
  4. Don’t use the Google Sitemap Generator to create a sitemap as it can take URLs that don’t relate directly to the news article.

Google Publisher Center

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After that, all you have to do is visit the Google Publisher Center. Don’t forget to register your account and website first in Google Publisher Center so you can access it. Here are the steps:

  1. Register and collect general information, such as data about the website and yourself. Learn the steps to create a Google Publisher Center account here.
  2. Enter and input article content that you have produced from your website into the Google Publisher Center.
  3. Add images in the content of the articles you produce.
  4. Set Ads settings, especially for ad placement in your article content.
  5. Set the Advanced Settings.
  6. Re-review your articles and Voila! Your content should be published by Google.
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These are the steps that publishers must take if they want to register or have their articles published on Google News.

Actually, publishers can be automatically considered by Google to be included in the Top News or the Google News Tab on the search page. The main key is that publishers only need to create quality content and comply with the applicable Google News Policy rules.

Remember to always pay attention to your content and understand the rules of Google News’ content policies. Have more questions surrounding Google News? If so, our team is ready to discuss with you. Talk to us Now!

Source from Google News Presentation by Udhi Sapto Vilanata and Google Support