1. Google Ad Exchange, AdSense Optimization

Google Ad Exchange is definitely not for everyone. ProPS is granted with an access of Google Ad Exchange, the largest marketplace with tons of premium demand. We will secure a spot for our publishers in ProPS Ad Exchange account, yet also bring the most of their AdSense Account.

2. Google Ad Manager (DFP) Management

Google Ad Manager is a hosted ad serving for a proper inventory management. Whether you are serving direct, ad network, or house, Google Ad Manager is capable of handling all parts from scheduling, targeting, optimizing, and reporting.

Best of all, since the unification of Google Ad Exchange with DFP in Google Ad Manager, optimizing Google Ad Exchange performance is far more better.

ProPS team will assist you from the early setup, with the same goal of uplifting your revenue. So you can still focus on what you love — creating great content.

3. PMP (PrivateMarketplace)

We offer high quality segmented and niche publishers that are available to be bought through PMP Deals. For publishers, this means a grande access to premium direct buying through programmatic. Yet, for advertisers, this brings amazing options for running programmatic direct campaign in highly qualified targeted audience. Not to mention, the faster and ease process of execution within Google’s solution.

Features & Pricing

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