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Placing ads on a website is not too difficult to do, despite this fact, it does require some data and exploration to find out where the best and most effective ad position is.

A lot of bloggers have managed to test their ads layout with the heatmap tool from AdSense to see visitor behavior and frequently visited parts of the page.

That way the most effective ad position will certainly be easier to determine.

The example image above shows some of the most effective ad position suggestions that can be emulated, the darker the color, the better the ad’s performance due to its visibility, but for this example it is not always necessary to emulate.

Apart from plugins and other tools, page Insights from Google Analytics will certainly be more appropriate for finding information from user habits when visiting your website or blog.

If you are serious about maximizing the ad position on a website or blog page, you need to look at the following factors before deciding which ad position is most effectively positioned.

Traffic Source

Traffic sources from a specific country are the most important factor in determining the size and position of the most effective ad.

By default, the ad sizes on desktop are 300×250, 336×280, 728×90 and 320×50, 320×100 on mobile.

These ad sizes are the most common because the demand coming from advertisers is more than other sizes.

Of course the size of this ad also depends on the country where you have a lot of visitors.

You can also check out the Google Ad Sizes Guide to find out which ad sizes and positions are most effective in your country.

Ad Viewability Levels and Devices Used

Just as the target location matters, the devices to access your website or blog are important factors when positioning ads on it.

It would be better if the ad position does not cover the content. Ads are most effective when they are near or within the content, so their viewability and ad performance will be better.

Here’s one of the mistakes when positioning ads on mobile devices:

The position of the ad is in the top position before the title, even though the ad is in the right position, the user will immediately scroll to the article to read, so that the viewability level will be better in the content.

A Lot of bloggers use as many ad positions as possible to get revenue.

If you want to continue to increase organic users to your website, we would recommend that ads don’t interfere with the content.

Ads will be more effective when the position is not distracting and the content is of a good quality.

Ad Position Quality

In order to maximize revenue from total CPM, the best position for the ad is one with good viewability and has the highest possibility of being clicked by the user.

Please note that when this ad is in a position near the navigation buttons, it is as if you are intentionally “tricking” the users to click the ad frequently.

This can result in the violation in Google Policy and your website being banned from Adsense. 

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