The Most Effective Way to Communicate with Clients During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Most Effective Way to Communicate with Clients During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As we all know, the Coronavirus pandemic is not close to being over in 2020. The Coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted many businesses around the globe not excluding publishers and advertisers with a decrease in advertising revenue in digital media. Based on research conducted by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), there was a decrease in advertising revenue by 19-25% and 27-32% in traditional media such as TV and print media. This is indeed what is experienced by publishers in the United States, but the same thing may also be experienced by publishers in Indonesia.

Advertising revenue in the media has decreased due to the fact that many advertisers and brands have decided to postpone or even cancel their advertisements or brand campaigns on pages owned by media publishers during Coronavirus pandemic. This as a result has devastated the publishing industry in 2020.

Despite this fact, publishers cannot just stand by and do nothing. One of the first things to be done is to establish a strong communication with clients, in this case the  advertiser or related brands. Communication carried out during a pandemic, or a crisis period, is certainly different from communication carried out when things are as normal.

So, how should publishers communicate with clients in the midst of this Coronavirus Pandemic? The key is for Publishers to take a consultative approach with the client (advertiser or brand). What is consultative? Consultative means to listen to the problems, complaints or input from the client and also give professional advice or recommendations. This is important to do especially during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Here are some steps that publishers can take in communicating, relating to or advicing Clients in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic:

  1. Try to focus more on strengthening relationships with your clients without the need for “business, promotional or profit frills”
  2. Be more flexible with regulations and agreements if clients decide to cancel or temporarily stop their advertisements and campaigns
  3. Be careful when offering your products and services to advertisers or brands so as not to make them feel offended or uncomfortable
  4. Spend more time communicating with clients
  5. Be willing to listen to problems or complaints from the client during this pandemic
  6. Asking about clients and their condition regularly during this pandemic as well as providing assistance or support to them
  7. Be more flexible in clients’ request to postpone their advertisements / campaigns
  8. Maintain good relations with existing clients so that they stay with you even during the pandemic
  9. Provide explanations, help, assistance and solutions to clients who are not familiar with the current conditions
  10. Do not instill panic in clients by providing information that is too excessive or unnecessary

The point is to establish a good communication line with clients in the midst of this Coronavirus pandemic. Apply a culture of always “keeping in touch” with clients. There is nothing wrong with asking about how they are doing and sharing stories and complaints with each other. By knowing and understanding each other, publishers and advertisers can work together to find the best solution for their respective businesses in the midst of this pandemic. At times like this, we really need to increase communication and work hand in hand so that we can all get through this hard time together.

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Source from IAB Coronavirus: Ad Revenue Impact On Publishers & Other Sellers