What is Confirmed Click and How Is It Important for Publishers?

What is Confirmed Click and How Is It Important for Publishers?

In the previous article, we have talked about Google News in depth. In this article, we will be discussing the term “confirmed click” and its importance for publishers. Some of us are still not familiar with the term Confirmed Click. We feel that understanding this term is crucial as it relates to user experience when surfing publisher website pages. Keep reading to find out!

What is Confirmed Click?

Confirmed Click is a feature where users will be asked to confirm via a “click” before entering an ad page. Usually, Confirmed Click will ask us whether we want to enter the ad page or not. This type of ad is usually visualised with a pop-up style and will suddenly appear on web pages.

Before click on the ads
After click on the ads

Why does Confirmed Click exist?

According to Google’s system, pop-up ads decrease the performance of a website because this ad generates unwanted invalid clicks. Why? Because users may accidentally click on the ad, even though it is not what they are looking for, this will decrease the user experience. Therefore, Google introduced Confirmed Click so that users can first confirm the user’s intention whether they are interested in seeing the ad or not.

The Main Page of Website Content
The Ads box can create accidental clicks

Google’s Recommended Ad Placement Implementations

There are a number of reasons why users accidentally click on ads. As a publisher, we have to be careful when placing navigation buttons, article links, etc. especially if it is placed near the advertisements as they can create accidental clicks.

Through the confirmed click feature, publishers are reminded again about the importance of ad placements that are prone to violations of Google policies. Here are some examples of ad implementations that you should avoid:

  1. Button near the ad
  2. Site content near the ad
  3. Change of content position
  4. Google ad placement policy violations
The example of wrong placement of the Ads

Therefore, it would be nice if publishers place ads according to Google’s recommendations. The following are the Ad Placement Implementations recommended by Google:

  1. Add padding above or below the ad content
  2. Label the ad clearly
  3. Keep ads away from navigation features
  4. Fix the Ad unit container size (specifically for in-article ads so that ads make users leave the article content while waiting for loading)
  5. Increase your mobile website page speed
The right placement of the Ads

How to Implement Confirmed Click

The next question is how to implement the confirmed click feature? Let us answer it for you! Confirmed click should or is only applied to ad slots that can create accidental clicks for mobile users. Confirmed clicks can minimize unwanted clicks, especially from users. Fewer invalid clicks will result in better user experience and ad performance. In addition, publishers will also be safer because they avoid violating Google policies.

Confirmed Click creates better user experience

How to Fix Accidental Clicks in mobile ad slots

Then, how do you fix accidental clicks on mobile ad slots? There are 2 points that publishers need to pay attention to:

  1. First, identify ad slots that have created a bad user experience for mobile users. Here, the publisher must know and be observant about what kind of ad styles that can affect user comfort. Position yourself as a user so you can decide wisely.
  2. Second, publishers need to focus on perfecting the application of Ad units and mobile speed so that the user experience is better. This will also minimize the occurrence of accidental clicks by the user or yourself.

You should remember that the confirmed click feature is systemized automatically by Google. Google will automatically implement Confirmed Click on certain advertisements that are detected to have a high accidental click value. If the accidental click value on the ad is low and below Google standards, the Confirmed Click feature will automatically disappear too. In addition, Confirmed Click can only be activated on the mobile version of advertisements.

Do aim to create a website that supplements good user experience and is safe from violating Google AdSense policies. You don’t want to sacrifice user comfort just to get the most of your profits through excessive advertising. Your website should be known for the quality of its content not its advertisements.

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