Wondering Why Your Google AdSense Account Takes So Long To Be Approved? Here are some Reasons and Tips For It!

Wondering Why Your Google AdSense Account Takes So Long To Be Approved? Here are some Reasons and Tips For It!

As a publisher, you would obviously be interested in monetizing your website with Google Adsense. You would then register, wait for its approval and then come to a realisation that the approval process isn’t as easy and fast as you thought. We get that you would like to monetize your website as soon as possible, therefore in this article, we will discuss a number of reasons why your Google Adsense Account approval takes so long as well as tips that you can try while waiting.

Some of the Possible Reasons Behind The Long Wait for the Approval of Your Google AdSense Account

Here are some of the possible reasons behind the delay in Google’s approval for your Google Adsense Account:

1.  Your AdSense Ad Code was not added to your website

If you have created and registered your Google AdSense account, then you will be required to add the AdSense Ad Code to your website. It is important for you to remember to not skip this process as it can be one of the reasons why your Google AdSense account approval is delayed. If you haven’t done so, do check the guidelines for guided steps on how and where to install this particular code. You will find this guide on the main page of Google AdSense where you register your domain.

It is important for you to also remember to place your website URL in the process of registering for an Adsense Account. Moreover, do ensure that the AdSense ad code is installed on pages that have significant content and traffic.

2.  An important step was missed in the process of registering your AdSense Account

Most publishers feel that they have successfully completed all the steps required in the registration of their Google AdSense account. As a matter of fact, there might be 1 or 2 steps required that have been missed, causing the delay in Google’s approval for the registration of Google AdSense Account. There are 3 important steps that cannot be skipped or missed when activating your Google AdSense account, namely connecting your website, entering your address / payment account, and verifying your registered phone number when registering for your Google AdSense account. If you miss these three steps, then Google cannot continue the process of activating the Google AdSense account that you have registered.

3. Website has been deactivated, but re-registered afterwards

The second possible reason behind the delay in Google’s approval of your Google AdSense account is that you deleted the website in question, but then re-registered it afterwards. By doing this, Google will take approximately two weeks long to recheck your account, website and its credentials before approving your account.

4.  Your Website is Inaccessible

It is impossible for your Google AdSense account to be approved if your website is inaccessible in the first place. Before registering your Google AdSense Account, check that your website domain/URL is still active. Do ensure that the spelling of your URL is correct and also has a domain with .or/.id/.co.id/.com as its ending. In all, ensure to recheck that your website is active and accessible.

5.  Google Needs Time to Review Registered Websites

Just like you, publishers from all around the world are registering for a Google AdSense account for their website. This creates an unseen queue which requires Google extra time to review and check every website that is registered. Google not only checks the URL or administrative completeness, but also sees whether the website you have registered is in accordance with Google’s policies. The length of time varies. If it has been reviewed, usually Google will send an email regarding the activation status of the Google AdSense account that you registered.

6.  Other Unknown Reasons

In this case, Google has not clarified their reasons behind the length of their response to your AdSense account registration. Therefore, ensure that your website has already collected enough traffic and does not violate Google’s policy regulations.

Then, what you can do while waiting the response from Google for your own Google AdSense’s Account? Here are some tips that you can do:

First, Prepare Your Website to the Best of Your Ability

In order to increase the chances of your Google AdSense Account being approved, you should prepare your website beforehand. You should ensure that the content of your website is original, meaning that it is not re-published and to also increase the frequency of your content being published in order to consistently drive a good amount of traffic to your website.

Second, Search and Choose other AdNetwork alternatives apart from Google AdSense

Despite being the market leader of the AdNetwork, not having Google AdSense does not mean that you can’t monetize your website without it. There are other AdNetwork alternatives that you should look into apart from Google AdSense.

Third, Do be patient because everything takes time

This tip might sound outdated, but as one of many publishers registering for a Google AdSense Account, you are required to be patient in this process. Google needs time to check and see your website as a whole. Google needs to check whether your website is up to standards and complies with their policies. Therefore, patience is one of the key virtues here.

Fourth, Choose trusted Google Channel Partners through ProPS

Our team can help you monetize your website through Google AdSense or Google AdExchange based on the traffic and condition of your website. Google AdExchange itself is the premium version of Google AdSense and is still able to increase your website ad revenue.

We hope that you have found an insight regarding the process of your Google AdSense account approval. If you did not find this article helpful, don’t be shy to approach our team directly at ProPS. We are excited to help you monetize your website as soon as possible! Visit Us Now!

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