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ProPS Team

Ad management Expert and Leading Google Channel Partner

“Granted as Top 1 Google Healthy Inventory Award 2018 in SouthEast Asia.”

ProPS is Google Channel Partner for Publishers. We are committed in uplifting publisher’s revenue through Google’s Monetisation Solution. Great website deliver its best to their users first. We aim to get the most out of our publisher’s partner in order for them to exceed the revenue potential.


ProPS was found in 2016 by two digital enthusiast, Edi Taslim and Ilona Juwita, with more than 15+ years of experience in Publishing Industry. We know our playing field especially related to Google Publishing Products (AdSense, Ad Manager:Ad Exchange, Ad Manager:DFP Small Business/Premium, Google Analytic 360, Google Policy).

Our publisher clients are widespread through various categories. We take care high-quality segmented and niche publishers. Our level of service gives us a big reputation in the field of ad monetization in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

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