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Ads Monetization and Optimization


Maximize revenue, captivate audiences: Elevate your content with display ads monetization


Elevate user experiences while unlocking revenue with mobile app ads monetization.


Profit from every frame: Unleash the potential of your content with video ads monetization.


Precision meets efficiency: Transform your advertising strategy with Programmatic Deals.


Maximize ad revenue, minimize wait time: Elevate your auctions with the efficiency of header bidding.


Navigate the digital marketplace seamlessly with the power of open exchange.


Experience digital advertising at its most dynamic with open bidding.

Customer Data Platform

Introducing CDP 365

ProPS “a trusted agency partner of Antsomi” introduces CDP 365. CDP 365 integrates marketing automation, offering businesses unified customer data and a 360-degree view. This enables personalized experiences at scale, fostering omnichannel engagement and driving sustained growth in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Revolutionizing Media Engagement

Media companies constantly try to figure out how to engage with their audiences while consuming content. We utilize CDP to enhance user experiences and increase content consumption. Through real-time personalization and AI-driven strategies, We help convert freemium users into paid subscribers, keeping media companies ahead in the digital landscape.


Empowering Marketing Strategies

CDP 365 Marketing Hub, enables personalized customer journeys at scale and delivers hyper-personalized experiences across multiple channels and devices by following through different life stages of the customer journey to drive relevant engagements at different times.

Ads Operation Support

We will assist you from the early setup, training, utilization, and operation, with the same goal of uplifting your revenue. So you can still focus on creating great content.

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Website Optimization

Google Analytics

ProPS is actively supporting initiatives that have important growth for the industry, one of which introduces you to Google Analytics 4

Core Web Vitals

Providing advice on how to improve core web vitals on your website


Apps Optimization

Push Notification

We will help you to create a powerful push notification strategy that keeps users actively engaged and loyal by personalizing messages, optimizing timing and frequency, segmenting your user base, crafting compelling content, and respecting user preferences.

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Content Development

When creating content, we first do the research about topics that are being talked about or trending, so that we can provide the latest or up-to-date information.

ProPS is active in creating quality content, and we are happy to help you produce content that can increase your website traffic.

Training & Knowledge Support

We provide training and seminars on current issues to help optimize your website.


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