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Google’s Core Update Impact: Hundreds Of Websites Deindexed

Google’s March 2024 Core Update has led to the removal of many websites, mainly to tackle spam created by AI and to prioritize good-quality content made by humans.

The effects of this update are starting to show as it progresses. Recent studies reveal that more than 800 websites have been completely taken off Google’s search results in the initial stages of the update.

Google’s Core Update Impact

Widespread Deindexing

Ian Nuttall, an important figure in SEO, has been keeping an eye on 49,345 websites after the March 2024 Core Update launched. Among these, 837 websites have been fully removed from Google’s search index. This represents about 1.7% of Nuttall’s database. The affected websites belong to various categories and ad networks, showing the broad scope of Google’s actions. 

However, it’s too early to say if these websites will remain removed, as some are already reappearing in Google’s search results.

Significant Traffic & Revenue Losses

The consequences of being removed are significant. Nuttall’s analysis shows that the 837 removed sites used to attract over 20.7 million organic search visits monthly before they were taken down. This sudden drop in traffic greatly harms these websites. 

Additionally, it’s estimated that the removal will result in a monthly loss of $446,552 in advertising revenue across the affected sites.

Targeting AI-Generated Spam

Nuttall’s findings align with a recent study by Originality.ai, which found that all affected websites showed signs of AI-generated content, with half of them having 90-100% of their posts generated by AI. This suggests that Google’s update effectively targets websites heavily reliant on AI-generated content to manipulate search rankings.

Reshaping The Search Landscape

As the March 2024 Core Update continues, its impact on the search landscape becomes more apparent. The widespread removal of websites involved in manipulative practices, especially those using AI-generated content, indicates a significant change in Google’s approach to maintaining search result quality.

The consistency between Nuttall’s data and the Originality.ai study emphasizes that Google is taking decisive action against the growing problem of AI-driven spam. Websites and content creators must adapt to Google’s increased focus on quality and originality.

The full impact of the March 2024 Core Update will become clearer in the coming weeks. However, early indications from Nuttall’s analysis and the Originality.ai study suggest that Google’s efforts to reshape the search landscape and prioritize high-quality, human-generated content are well underway.

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