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Maximizing Monetization: A Success Story of Orami with ProPS

In the dynamic realm of online media and commerce, partnerships that foster collaboration, growth, and mutual understanding are rare gems. For Orami, a leading parenting-centric technology company based in Jakarta, Indonesia, such a gem has been found in their partnership with ProPS. 

Prita, Head Of Content Community Commerce at Orami, enthusiastically shares, “A partnership with ProPS is truly enjoyable. We have full support from the ProPS team, they are open, and we can even build personal closeness. We’ve even visited each other’s offices, and had heart-to-heart conversations. I never imagined I could have such a close relationship with a vendor.”

About Orami.co.id

Orami (PT Bilna) is a parenting-centric technology company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded in 2013, Orami has a vision to Simplify Parenting. Today, Orami has the largest online platform for parents in Indonesia with Community, Content, and Commerce as its business pillars to serve all parents’ needs.

The Challenge

With the increasing potential of their online media business, Orami aims to initiate the development of the monetization of its publisher media business, which initially relied solely on Google AdSense. In collaboration with ProPS, Orami seeks to seize the opportunity to monetize more comprehensively, aiming for improved revenue. As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, ProPS has assisted Orami in its growth by developing a more comprehensive monetization strategy for its online media business.

The Approach

With the assistance of our expert team of yield optimizers, we improved Orami’s average yield by conducting a detailed analysis of performance data and site analytics. We support Orami for the use of Google Ad Manager for direct or programmatic purposes. Additionally, we contribute to the enhancement of the quality of content on web pages related to sexual content in accordance with Google policies. 

Our focus was centered on a select few optimizations that served as the primary drivers of revenue:

  1. Leveraging high-impact inventory with high viewability. Our team has refined the appearance of some inventory to seamlessly integrate it with the site’s layout, ensuring optimal viewability. 
  2. Optimizing Unified Pricing Rules. ProPS assists in configuring targeting CPM to maximize revenue on ad performance
  3. Implementing video ads to drive additional earnings. 

The Results

Orami began to be monetized by Google AdSense September 2022 and then by ProPS in April 2023. 

There are several achievements for Orami after collaborating with ProPS, including:  

  1. Achieving fairly good performance with a 140% revenue increment in the fourth quarter compared to last quarter in 2022.
  2.  The Optimization of core web vital resulted in higher viewability of inventory, with average viewability 80% then better performance of each ads inventory
  3. ProPS also assisted in trial and error optimizing CPM targets through unified pricing rules optimization to enhance the performance of each ad unit, and resulted in increment CPM average 30% in quarterly.
  4. Another form of monetization carried out by ProPS is the implementation of video streams on Orami. Video streams are even achieving a 40% revenue contribution each quarter.

These achievements highlight  ProPS’s effectiveness in maximizing revenue potential for publishers. Publishers who aim to optimize their earnings and enhance visibility in the digital landscape are encouraged to explore the monetization opportunities provided by ProPS

Join us in maximizing your revenue potential and taking your monetization strategy to new heights.

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