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If you’ve linked your AdSense and Analytics accounts but can’t find any AdSense data in your Analytics reports, it’s essential to troubleshoot the issue. Below are some potential reasons and solutions to help you identify and resolve the problem.

How to Check Missing Adsense Data

  • Verify the Linked Analytics Account:

Ensure that you’ve linked the correct Analytics account to your AdSense account. Check the Content section in the sidebar navigation of your Analytics reports – if AdSense is not visible, the accounts might not be linked.

  • Confirm Analytics Code Placement:

After linking accounts, ensure that you’ve placed the Analytics tracking code on all web pages using AdSense. The correct order is crucial: AdSense code snippets first, followed by the Analytics tracking code just before the closing </body> tag.

  • Allow Sufficient Time After Linking:

AdSense data takes time to appear in Analytics. Allow 24 hours after linking to see any AdSense data, and wait 48 hours to access a full day’s data. Patience is key to ensuring accurate reporting.

  • Verify AdSense Report Settings:

When generating a report in AdSense, select “AdSense for content” as the product and choose ad units only on the Advanced Reports page. This ensures that you’re comparing the right data between Analytics and AdSense.

  • Standard AdSense Implementation:

Analytics reporting supports the standard AdSense implementation. If you use an ad server like Google Ad Manager, it may invalidate AdSense reporting in Analytics.

  • Check Analytics Code Functionality:

Ensure that you’re not using the “_udn” variable or the “setDomainName()” function in your Analytics code unless corresponding changes are made to your AdSense code.

  • Avoid Locally Stored Analytics Code:

Implement the Analytics code exactly as provided in your Analytics account. Avoid calling a locally stored copy of urchin.js or ga.js, as this may invalidate AdSense reporting in Analytics.

  • Enable Analytics Views for AdSense:

Make sure your Analytics views are enabled for AdSense data. Revise your linking settings for the desired views to receive accurate AdSense reports.


If the above steps do not resolve the issue, consider that Analytics may not track pageviews in the same way as AdSense. Further investigation may be needed to understand and address any discrepancies. We will help you.