Privacy Policy

PT Promedia Punggawa Satu, which will be mentioned as ProPS, one of Our Concern is Your privacy. We want to ensure that every information that We collect is all about Our effort to give information, content, and experiences that matter most to You. We are committed to protecting the privacy of the Clients, including You, online media visitors, vendors, partners, and many other related stakeholders.

The following Privacy Policy describes how We collect, store, use, disclose, and share Your Personal Information which can be identified and obtained through our online channel (Application, Website, etc) and our offline channel (program, Our store or hotel, etc).

This Privacy Policy is included as a part of Our Terms of Use.

This Privacy Policy includes the following matters:

  1. Definition
  2. Scope
  3. Information We collect
  4. The use of information We collect
  5. Control of Your information
  6. Security
  7. Changes of this Privacy Policy
  8. Technical and Regulatory Information
  9. Miscellaneous
  10. Acknowledgement and Consent
  11. Consent Revocation and Deletion
  12. Email Subscription Cancellation
  13. Contact Us

By using Our products/service indicates Your consent over this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, including but not limited with all the amendment.


Affiliate means subsidiary of, controlling party of, or party under control of Promedia Punggawa Satu.
Application means software application and/or web portal that We developed to provide Our services to Clients.
Clients/Customer/You/Yourself means a party who uses or interacts with Our services/product through Our online or offline channel.
Promedia Punggawa Satu/ProPS/We/Our/Us means company that runs on digital advertising industry and Google Channel Partner.
Personal Data means data or information regarding Yourself that can be privately identified and obtained, such as name, address, birth date, birth place, occupation, employer, personal id, others identity documents, phone number, e-mail address, and other information which may identify You as a user.
Terms of Use means standard operational procedure or other terms in connection with each Application provided by Us and/or its Affiliate, as may be changed and updated from time to time by Us and/or Affiliate.
Website means our website at or other site which We developed officially.


This privacy policy applies to all Personal Data all over Promedia Punggawa Satu products/service and Promedia Punggawa Satu business partners (vendor, partners, and other stakeholder).It also applies to every transaction and activities of the Clients in Our services. See available products, services, and companies that Affiliate of Us here (


We collect several Personal Data that are directly provided by You as follows:

  • Name and contact information (phone, email)
  • Demography: gender, occupation,
  • Emergency contact information
  • Social media profile information
  • Education and professional information
  • Purchasing and payment information
  • Other information of You, which uploaded or provided to Us.

For giving better experience for Our service, We also collect several information when You use the Application:

  • Information about the device(s) you use
  • Information about service usage
  • Cookies
  • Authentication data
  • Location information
  • Data that has been recorded through one of Our services under Our Affiliation also will be used to improve Customer experience in all Our business units.


We use and shares Your Personal Data, including to Affiliate, for the following purposes:

To process partnership with Clients

We use Personal Data such as name, telephone number, email address, address, and company/institution to engage with the Clients, such as contacting about the services being used, payment, billing, and many more. We use financial data or credit card and payment information to process the order and may need to share some of this information with delivery services, credit card clearing houses, and other third parties to complete the transaction.

To provide support or other services

We may use Your Personal Data to give support or other services that are related to services such as consulting with Clients and being partnered with Clients and which are related with the activities.

To provide information regarding the products or updated information

We may use Your Personal Data (email and/or phone number) to provide notification of new product releases, service developments, retargeting, promotion, personalized offer, subscription, event participation, or information that you may need. The information is not only limited to the products/services that have been purchased/used, but also other Promedia Punggawa Satu products/services that are suitable for your needs. We may use Your Personal Data and the transaction for analyzing customer behavior and use it to provide the service/experience that matters the most to You.

Analyze the behavior of the Customer to give better experience/services

We use Your Personal Data and Your interaction with Our services/product entirely to analyze the pattern of Your behavior in using Our services/product. Development of services/product is based on Our understanding what Customer needs the most.

To update you on Our benefits, programs, and opportunities

We and/or Affiliates may communicate with you regarding relevant benefits, programs, and opportunities available to you provided by all Promedia Punggawa Satu products/services.

To engage with third parties

We may share Your Personal Data with third parties relating to products/services that these Customers interact with. We ensure these third parties are carefully selected and obligated to keep Your data secure. We may also share Your information with third parties whom we think might provide content, products, or services of interest to You.

To protect Our content and services

We may use Personal Data to prevent potentially illegal activities and to enforce Our Terms of Use. We also use a variety of technological systems to detect anomalous activity to prevent abuse, such as spam.

To get feedback or input from You

From time to time, We may ask Clients regarding feedback to make the products/service suitable with Clients needs and interest (for example through surveys, usability studies, focus groups discussion).


Promedia Punggawa Satu will retain Personal Data as long as it is necessary to be kept fulfilling the purpose for which it was collected, legal or business purposes of Promedia Punggawa Satu, or as required by relevant laws. We will usually keep the Personal Data for up to 10 years since it was collected.

If you ask for deletion (see Section 13), we will remove Your Personal Data.


Promedia Punggawa Satu needs your assistance to ensure that Your Personal Data is current, complete, and accurate. Please inform Promedia Punggawa Satu of changes to Your Personal Data by contacting Promedia Punggawa Satu (see Section 14).


Confidentiality of Your data and Personal Data is the main concern for Us. We put best effort and procedure to protect and secure Personal Data. However, We cannot guarantee 100% that Our system is impenetrable by virus, malware, and disruption from third parties. Please do not disclose and share Your Personal Data, including Your account password and keep security of Your device.


We will notify every Customer if there are some changes in Our Privacy Policy material through email or other communication channel that has been provided by Customer.


Every service provided by Promedia Punggawa Satu and its affiliation is not directed at minors under 17 and Promedia Punggawa Satu does not know the age of the person who accesses and uses Our services. If a minor under 17 has provided Personal Data without the permission of parent(s)/guardian(s), the parent or guardian should contact Promedia Punggawa Satu (see Section 15) to remove the relevant Personal Data and unsubscribe the minor.


We automatically record the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of visitors (web based application) and session of the user (mobile application). We also record some materials to identify unique visitor of Our Website that may include:

Browser/Device type/version
Operating system used
Date and time of the server request
Location (Latitude and longitude)
For mobile application, we use these following materials to identify unique visitor:
Device type/version
Device IMEI
Operating system used
Date and time of the server request
Location (Latitude and longitude)
These visitor identification is being used across Our product/services to enable cross product Clients data understanding. It creates bigger opportunities for Us to serve the Clients better with Our services/product.

External links behavior

Some of Our products/service link to other sites that are created and maintained by other parties. When You transfer to an outside website/application, you are leaving Our domain, so this Privacy Policy no longer applied.

Responses to legal requests

We reserve the right to share your information to respond to duly authorized information requests of governmental authorities or where required by law.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

All provisions and implementation of this Privacy Policy is built and interpreted under the law of the Republic of Indonesia, disregarding the different provisions with other laws beyond the law of the Republic of Indonesia.

Any dispute arising from this Privacy Policy shall be first settled through deliberation.

If during 30 (thirty) calendar days since dispute arising or other period determined by Us, the deliberation cannot be held or was already held however the deliberation was failed to settle such dispute, then the dispute shall be finally settled through the Central Jakarta District Court.


This Privacy Policy is available for Indonesia and English language. Inconsistency between Indonesian and English versions, Indonesian version shall prevail.


By using Our Website/Application/service, it means You acknowledge that You have read and understood this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and agree and accede to the use, practice, processing, and transfer of Your Personal Data by Us as stated in this Privacy Policy.

You also represent that You are entitled to share all of the information that has been provided to Us and to give Us the authority to use and share Your Personal Data to support and perform Our product/service.


You may perform Your consent revocation of the collection, use, and disclosure of Your Personal Data and/or deletion of Your Personal Data that is regulated under the laws and regulation of Republic of Indonesia.


You may choose to subscribe or unsubscribe from Our mailing list. If You wish to unsubscribe from Our email, please do unsubscribe procedure in Our Application or contact me directly.


If You have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or about the use of Your Personal Data, please feel free to contact us at:

PT Promedia Punggawa Satu (ProPS)
BSD City
Regentown Gold Blok J2 No.8
Pagedangan-Kabupaten Tangerang 15339
Telp: +62 21 50560143
By use Our Website/Application/services, You deemed to agree upon this Privacy Policy, including but not limited with all the amendments.