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Understanding Consumer Behavior for Successful Ramadhan 2024 Campaigns

The start of Ramadhan always brings joy to people in Indonesia. While they keep up with their usual traditions, these also change a bit as people’s habits change. Knowing about these trends helps brands connect with customers in a meaningful way and improve their business.

What remains constant during Ramadhan is people’s anticipation for self-improvement or “me time,” reconnection with loved ones during “we time,” and the joy of gift-giving.

However, there’s an increased focus on online activities, particularly consuming diverse video content. Understanding how this impacts people’s Ramadan experience and purchasing choices allows you to craft effective and efficient marketing campaigns for the season.

Understanding Consumer Behavior for Successful Ramadhan Campaigns

Explore three essential consumer trends from Ramadhan 2024 marketing strategy playbook to elevate your campaigns.

1. During Ramadhan, people actively seek diverse video content for their “me time.”

Indonesians, focusing on spiritual and personal development, prefer YouTube as their go-to platform for recharging.

Searches on YouTube related to Islamic or Muslim lifestyle terms surged by 2.3 times from Ramadan 2022 to 2023, indicating a significant interest shift. Additionally, downloads of weight training videos rose by 60% year-over-year.

People are consuming video content in various formats, seamlessly transitioning between long and short videos while switching screens to explore their interests further.

According to an Ipsos study in Indonesia, 67% of respondents aged 18 to 44 use short-form video apps to discover content, later moving on to watch longer versions. Moreover, over 25 million Indonesians stream YouTube on connected TVs, and 90% of Gen Z individuals in the country actively use YouTube Shorts.

Understanding the diverse preferences for topics, screens, and formats during “me time” in Ramadhan allows you to create highly engaging campaigns that resonate with Indonesian customers.

2. During Ramadhan, people blend online experiences with offline activities for “we time.”

A prevalent trend is the practice of “nobar,” short for “nonton bareng” (watching together), where individuals watch online content collectively.

Notably, the daily peaks in YouTube traffic during this period align with key offline gatherings like the pre-dawn sahur meal and the iftar dinner following a day of fasting. This synchronization highlights the integration of online and offline experiences as part of the shared moments during Ramadhan.

During “we time” in Ramadhan, people watch online content together, including livestreams and videos showcasing offline activities such as family gatherings and breaking fast over meals. On YouTube, searches for terms like “halal bihalal,” “buka puasa,” and “sahur on the road” saw a significant year-over-year surge, reaching up to 250% from 2022.

Given the central role of online content in fostering connections during Ramadhan, your brand can effectively engage with audiences in these crucial moments by creating relevant video content. To enhance efficiency, utilize audience signals such as watch time, location, and topical interests to develop dynamic creative assets. Deliver these assets through timely video ad flightings to reach the most relevant customers.

3. Shoppers are mainly influenced by digital touchpoints during Ramadhan.

When it comes to celebrating Ramadhan and making purchases for the occasion, shoppers invest significant effort in research and decision-making. Many are open to trying new brands.

Regardless of whether they buy online or in-store, what influences their purchase decisions are the touchpoints used for research, with 7 out of 10 being digital touchpoints. Among these, the top two are Search and YouTube.

Shoppers’ decisions are also impacted by advertisements. As per a Kantar survey, 89% of YouTube viewers were introduced to new brands or products through YouTube ads, and these ads played a crucial role in helping 80% of viewers decide what to buy.

By aligning with shoppers’ behavioral patterns during Ramadhan and enhancing your brand’s visibility on digital touchpoints, particularly on trusted platforms like Search and YouTube, you can elevate discovery, consideration, and ultimately, purchases.

With these insights into how Indonesians engage with and enjoy Ramadhan—through trusted digital touchpoints and diverse video content formats—your brand can strategically create effective, efficient campaigns, ultimately contributing to the growth of your bottom line.

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