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Tips & Tricks In Dealing with Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis for Publishers

Coronavirus has not only caused many people to fall ill, but also the business and economic sectors, especially in terms of revenue and income. This is mainly in line with a number of national social distancing policies such as work from home, stay at home and lockdown that prohibit and urge people not to do activities outside the house and be in crowds. Due to this, many business industries ranging from trade, retail, restaurants, tourism and transportation have suffered great losses from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Concerns regarding the pandemic have also been raised in the publishing industry. Apart from being afraid of being infected by the Coronavirus, there is also concern that there will be huge revenue and profit losses due to the Coronavirus pandemic which has spread to various countries in the world.

Based on information compiled from PubMatic, there was a significant decrease in revenue due to a decrease in Ad Spending in several sectors of the global economy affected by COVID-19. The impact varies greatly based on the advertisers’ category; Traveling, Tourism, Sports, Politics, and Science experienced the sharpest decrease in ad spending, while News, Hobbies and Interests, Technology and Computing experienced a significant increase in Ad Spending.

Based on this data, publishers and advertisers can work together to maximize their income through advertisements or ads that are focused on these products, such as News, Hobbies and Interest, and Technology and Computing. The News “product” is the most feasible advertising category to target as people or audiences are always on the watch for the latest news and information related to the Coronavirus. Hobbies & interests product category also have its potential to be advertised as most if not all activities are carried out at home during Covid-19.

In addition, publishers and advertisers can also try to implement the ad content or model in the form of video or video header bidding as the time audiences spend on digital platforms will be increased significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Cross-platform videos can also be a new opportunity for advertisers and publishers to maximize their ad revenue.

Moreover, there is a tendency for the audience to like brand advertisements that offer or provide flexibility in payment, free shipping, and basic necessities.

That is what publishers and advertisers can do in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic crisis. If you are looking for a trustworthy partner to discuss your business strategies with, ProPs is the one for you. Talk to us now!

Source from: https://pubmatic.com/blog/infographic-impact-of-covid-19-on-global-ad-spend/